If You Want To Make Money Online Make Sure
You Catch The Next World Internet Summit

If you've struggling to make a living online, or you're making some money but not in the quantities you'd like, the World Internet Summit may hold the key to turning things around for you.

I learned a hard lesson recently. I really hate to admit it, but if I save you from wasting your time and efforts like I did, it may be worth the humiliation of revealing my costly mistake. You seeā€¦

I thought I knew it all

When my friend Rob called to invite me to the World Internet Summit in March, I hesitated before I said yes. Okay, so the tickets were a 2-for-1 deal but it was still a substantial amount of money to pay for information that I imagined I already knew.

Sure, there would be some new titbits shared with the audience, but I'd been studying Internet marketing for two years and I'd purchased cutting-edge information from most of the market heavyweights over that time. Heck, I didn't even have time to read all the e-books I already owned!

It was the money back guarantee that convinced me to take a chance.

And guess what?

I had it all wrong!

Yes, I'd heard a good percentage of that information before. Hey, I was even teaching some of it. But these guys (and girl) had the inside track on how to USE that information. Each speaker took some aspect of Internet marketing and turned it on its ear. There were light bulbs going off over everyone's heads as we suddenly saw how it all fit together.

I realised that most of the hard work I'd been doing for the past two years was totally unnecessary!


I learned that there are far easier ways to make money online than slogging away building web sites, writing content, driving traffic to your sites and selling e-books or hard products. You can still own web sites but your time investment can be minimised. No wonder these speakers have time to jet around the world teaching and hanging out with friends and colleagues!

With Brett McFall
I must admit I feel guilty that I didn't encourage my Australian subscribers to attend the Summit this year. You may have to wait a whole 12 months for the next one, a year that could have been spent raking in profits for very little work.

But my visitors in other countries are in luck!

The World Internet Summit is now held in the USA, the UK, Australia and Singapore. So if you live in one of those countries, keep your eyes peeled for an event near you. Or you can plan your next overseas vacation to coincide with the next Summit.

As always, the line-up will be awesome – the best of the best.

And because I believe it's so valuable, I'm willing to embarrass myself in front you by admitting my own stupidity.

You see, I could have attended this Summit 12 months ago in another city. But I thought I didn't need it! Imagine my distress when two of the speakers revealed that they'd attended last year's Summit with no prior knowledge of the Internet, and in the ensuing twelve months created successful online businesses.

Another speaker went from being a 'newbie' 18 months ago to having 80 profitable web sites today!

And she was happy to tell the World Internet Summit attendees how she did it.

The other amazing thing is that the speakers make themselves available to everyone throughout the event:

  1. I never imagined I'd be sitting on the carpet in the hotel hallway with Marlon Sanders, one of the true legends of Internet marketing, picking his brain about my online business while he chomped on a salad.

  2. Or grilling Alan Forrest Smith, the UK Summit co-ordinator, on how he got to be one of England's top copywriters.

  3. Marketing genius Stephen Pierce spent an hour with me after the final presentation, giving me his take on how to develop the winning mindset.

  4. And all because Brett McFall, Australia's top copywriter and co-ordinator of the event, encouraged me to overcome my reluctance and approach these speakers with my questions. Brett even started the ball rolling by giving me a 15-minute interview on how to write good sales copy.

This could be you!

Not only will you get the latest shortcuts to making money online by a dozen or so of the world's best Internet marketers, you'll also get to take them aside and ask them your most urgent questions. And they'll spend as long as it takes to give you an answer. How valuable is that?

With Stephen Pierce
At the Australian Summit, each time a speaker made a mind-blowing statement, Rob and I would turn to each other and declare, "Now THAT alone was worth the price of the ticket!"

The joke was that we said it about 20 times throughout the course of the weekend.

It won't change my life if you go to the Summit or not. But it could change yours. Don't procrastinate like I did, convincing yourself that you know it all. Because if you really do, it will show up in your results, specifically in your bank balance.

And if you are wildly successful online, congratulations! You've one of the few who've cracked the code for making great money on the Internet.

But if you aren't there yet, here's your chance.

I now look at my online business in a different way – before the World Internet Summit and after. I've been give some fabulous tools and I'm now taking full advantage of them. I wish the same for all of you.

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You'll start receiving a series of free audio interviews and other gifts from Summit co-ordinators Brett, Tom and Ted the minute you commit to attending.

world internet summit australia
World Internet Summit Gold Coast
Rob and me [in the purple box]

So think carefully about where you want to be in 12 months' time, and if it involves running your own business from home, then take a look at what's on offer at the next World Internet Summit.

It may just change your life.

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