Create A Workspace

Gerald is a poet. He has a day job to support his family but his real love, his vocation, is poetry.

Gerald's job involves a certain amount of shift work. Some weeks he starts at 4 PM and works until midnight. This means that part of the time he spends at home during the day overlaps with the times his wife Marcia and their three children are there.

Gerald doesn't have his own office or work space so he does most of his writing in the family room. He'll be standing at the window in a state of deep focus as he composes the final line of his latest poem. He patiently teases a word from his subconscious - the perfect word with which to capture the essence of a particular thought. And as it shimmers just outside his reach, poised skittishly on the verge of breaking the surface, Marcia breezes by and asks,

"Gerald, did you take out the garbage?"

The word slips back into the murky depths, undoubtedly lost forever. A homicidal impulse briefly creases Gerald's brow but he shoves it aside in favor of a curse.

"For God's sake, Marcia! How many times have I asked you not to interrupt while I'm writing?"

Marcia looks affronted.

"But Gerald! You were just staring out the window!"

Gerald needs a workspace. And if you want to achieve your goals, so do you.

Your Own Workspace


If you're going to set about making your fortune, you'll need a sacrosanct area from which you can run your enterprise. This will be your equivalent of the Oval Office, the war room at the Pentagon, the bridge on the Starship Enterprise - whatever your favorite metaphor might be. If you have already set up a workspace, skip this section and move on to the information on how to anchor it.

It's great if you have a spare room available but a corner of a quiet room is fine to start with. Make sure it's away from busy areas if you share your home with family or roommates. You might also wish to separate it from the rest of the room with screens or large plants.

Here are the essentials you'll need. Once again we're stating the obvious, but starting a new venture can often appear overwhelming. That's when something as simple as writing a list of steps can propel you into taking action.

You'll need:

  1. A desk and/or a large table where you can lay out your paperwork or any other tools you may need. It's also convenient to be able to leave things out overnight.

  2. A computer system (which you probably already have)

  3. A door with a latch and preferably a lock, to ensure privacy and cut interruptions down to a minimum

  4. Your own phone line (if possible)
Finances will dictate how soon you can set up the most efficient work space. But there's much you can do with a little imagination.

Supercharge Your Workspace

One of the stories that circulated about Anthony Robbins in the mid-eighties illustrates the power of anchoring.

In his early days as an NLP workshop presenter, Tony visited each venue on the evening before he was scheduled to present a workshop in that location.

As he stood at various locations on the stage, he would anchor the feelings he wanted to experience the next day to the view from each position. He linked feelings such as self-confidence, energy, clear thinking, and other resourceful states to his view of the room from the stage. The next day, as he stood at each of those locations, the view would serve as an anchor for the feelings he'd previously selected.

Whether the story is true or not is beside the point. What's useful is adopting the strategy involved. It's an excellent way to prepare for any performance, including a purely private one.

Try the same strategy with your own workspace.

How do you want to feel there?
  • Energized?
  • Focused?
  • Confident?
  • Creative?
  • Motivated?
Make your own list.

Then anchor these feelings, one at a time, to the sight of your workspace from the doorway. When you first set this up, you'll need to spend a little time to do it correctly. After that, the feelings should arise automatically.

You may also want to anchor those feelings to a gesture (sitting at your desk or picking up your pen, etc.).

Additional Anchors

If you take a look at the additional anchors list, you'll see a number of items you can use to make your workspace more productive. You can add:

  • pictures that inspire you
  • your treasure map or pages from your goals binder
  • your newspaper article or mock-up awards
  • photos of your mentors
  • affirmations on 3x5 cards
  • a large notice board with your game plan mapped out
  • pictures of your pre-planned rewards for various milestones
  • flowers and plants
  • symbolic figurines or sculptures
  • background music (non-distracting)
  • motivational music
  • incense and candles
Warning: Don't take forever setting up your space. Take a week or two, if necessary, and then get moving on your action plan.

Your Privacy

It's often not a good idea to share details of your wealth creation plans with most of the people in your life. Save in-depth discussions for meetings with your financial support group.

So if you have any family members or friends who aren't 100% supportive, you might consider making your workspace off limits.

Just tell them it's a mess and keep the door locked.

You don't need people making fun of what they consider a grandiose plan on the wall or affirmations pinned on the notice board.

Most importantly, you don't need anyone undermining all the positive work you've been doing on your wealth mindset.

Keep your master plan to yourself. And remind yourself how much fun it will be when you've reached your goals and you take the naysayers out for a night on the town in your limosine.

Then again, if you feel you're ready, you could use their negative comments as an opportunity to become really good at anchoring. If you can listen to putdowns and snide remarks with a smile on your face and a regular heartbeat, you'll know you've absolutely mastered anchoring.

Feng Shui And Your Workspace

If you're interested in utilizing Feng Shui to enhance your workspace, visit our Feng Shui Office Guidelines page.

Your Next Step:

  1. When you've got your workspace set up, return to the Wealth Mindset page to choose your next strategy.

Disclaimer: This site is purely educational and we make no claims or guarantees with regard to the information presented. Please consult a certified NLP practitioner for individual coaching in the use of NLP techniques. We strongly advise consulting a financial industry professional before embarking on a wealth creation journey.