Using Wealth Notes

Need some reminders to keep you on track with your wealth creation journey? Try setting up some wealth notes on your computer.

Most computers come with a post-it notes app. 
This means that instead of sticking little yellow notes all over your monitor you can type your reminders directly into the app and they'll pop up on your computer screen whenever you turn on your machine or click on the program icon.

It's a great way to remind yourself of tasks you need to start or complete, as well as anything else you need to remember.

How To Use Post-it Notes For Wealth Creation

Here are some suggestions for using 'wealth notes' to help you create financial freedom:

  1. Type your daily questions onto a note and read them once a day. For information on the power of questions, visit the Questions page.

  2. Type your top 10 affirmations onto a note and read them daily. See the Affirmations page for guidelines.

  3. List all of the things in your life that you're grateful for and read them every morning. For more information visit our Life Coach.

  4. Type out any daily ritual you've decided to incorporate into your schedule, suck as Harv Eker's Success Declarations, featured in his bestselling Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, or John Harrichan's Power Pause technique.

  5. List your Goals and the relevant deadlines.

  6. Make To Do Lists and update them regularly.
You can pay to upgrade to the Standard version of Post-it® Software Notes which offers some additional features. But most people find the "lite" more than adequate for their needs.

Some tips on using the software to create wealth notes
  1. You can revise your notes at any time, just like any Word document.

  2. You can move individual notes to any place on your screen so your desktop looks tidy and organized.

  3. You can delete reminder notes once you've competed a task or add as many notes as you can fit on your screen. You can change content, size and position easily.

  4. Consult the help menu for a full list of features.
You'll find wealth notes a useful little tool to keep yourself on track.

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