The Wealth Mindset

To develop a wealth mindset, you must first learn to control your emotional state.

Neurolinguistic Programming (or NLP) is the ultimate quick-change technology that has given rise to dozens of transformational processes, all of which direct your brain towards making more positive choices.

There's often a danger of losing focus when faced with too many choices. So we're only presenting the most basic and effective NLP techniques in each category, with the option of adding a number of advanced techniques over time. We don't subscribe to the notion that "one size fits all" as what works for one person may not be effective for another. So test the techniques for yourself and decide what works for you.

Each wealth mindset technique is unique yet they all share elements in common.
  • Some require 15-30 minutes of training and can then be utilized instantly.
  • Others are repetitive exercises that can be done weekly until they become automatic.
  • Some are once-only private processes that can later be accessed in any situation.
  • Others are ongoing conditioning techniques.
There are three ways to do the wealth mindset processes:
  1. Read the instructions once before you start. Then read each step and perform it.
  2. Read the instructions onto a recording device.
  3. Ask a trusted friend, or a member of your support team, to read the instructions to you.

Selecting A Wealth Mindset Technique

The easiest way to find the best wealth mindset techniques for you is to experiment. This may take a few hours of your time, but the investment will be worth it when you learn to master your emotional states in minutes.

Read through the descriptions of all the wealth mindset techniques, then choose the first one that appeals to you. Only by performing it will you have a sense of whether it works for you or not. Once you've committed to it, practice it weekly (daily is even better) for four weeks to install it as a habit. Think in terms of 'mastering' each technique.

Many of the wealth mindset techniques work in harmony with each other, and in fact tend to belong in more than one of the categories listed below. You may find yourself using a combination of processes to create your own transformational techniques.

NLP Wealth Mindset Technique 1: ANCHORING

Anchoring is an NLP technique by which you associate a desired emotion to a particular situation (e.g., you want to feel excited and motivated when you sit down at your computer.)


  • You can change any unwanted emotion or state in a few moments.
  • You can set up an anchor to use in any future situation.
The NLP Anchoring Techniques

NLP Wealth Mindset Technique 2: REHEARSAL

Rehearsal is a method by which you train your brain to expect success by rehearsing for it. It's an excellent way to develop a healthy wealth mindset.

Benefits: You can regularly condition yourself for success in a variety of situations.

The Rehearsal Techniques

NLP Wealth Mindset Technique 3: USING A MENTOR

A mentor serves as a guide to get you from where you are now to where you want to be. Because a mentor, by definition, has already developed a wealth mindset, you can use precise questions to discover his or her strategies.

Benefits: You can create a shortcut to success by incorporating into your own behavior the beliefs, emotions and methods of a mentor.

The Mentor Utilization Techniques

NLP Wealth Mindset Technique 4: PHYSIOLOGY

You can use your physiology (or body posture) to change your state instantly. Maintaining positive states of mind is essential to creating a wealth mindset.

Benefits: You can change your state at will.

The Physiology Techniques

NLP Wealth Mindset Technique 5: VOCABULARY

Utilize the words you speak (and think) to change your life. What you say to yourself and others will either support or undermine your wealth mindset.

Benefits: You can train your brain to automatically focus on success.

The Vocabulary Techniques

NLP Wealth Mindset Technique 6: SETTING GOALS

Goals focus your mind on a specific target, thereby enhancing the likelihood of a positive outcome. Goal-setting is a key component of the wealth mindset.
Benefits: Once your goals are identified, your subconscious mind will begin scanning for opportunities to attain them.

The Goal-Setting Techniques

NLP Wealth Mindset Audio

A Model Strategy

Click here for a way to combine the techniques into an overall strategy.

Additional Wealth Mindset Techniques

Your Next Step:
  1. After you've tested each wealth mindset technique, make a note of the ones that really appealed to you. Then set up a time each day when you'll utilize at least one of them. The effects of using the techniques are cumulative so make them a habit.

  2. Before you take action on oyur first goal, make sure you've set up a workspace or some sort of base from which to operate.

  3. Select your money vehicle and get started.

Disclaimer: This site is purely educational and we make no claims or guarantees with regard to the information presented. Please consult a certified NLP practitioner for individual coaching in the use of NLP techniques. We strongly advise consulting a financial industry professional before embarking on a wealth creation journey.