Make Your Own Treasure Map
(Vision Board)

treasure map

A treasure map, or vision board as it's often called, is a collage of images cut from magazines or other sources, each representing a goal or aspects of a goal. Once you've done your smart goals process, you can start looking for pictorial representations of the goals on your list. Your treasure map might include pictures of
  • the car of your dreams
  • a house you'd love to own
  • beautiful clothes or
  • any other material objects you desire
You can add pictures of activities you'd like to do, such as
  • skiing
  • vacationing at Club Med
  • taking a cruise
  • trekking through a national park
  • dining in Paris
You might include relationship goals
  • a couple laughing over a cup of coffee
  • A family camping out
  • friends enjoying a barbeque
And health goals
  • a role model with your desired weight or
  • a photo of yourself at your healthiest
  • a person lifting weights
  • a couple running
  • a swimmer in action
Add your business goals
  • a busy business office
  • an impressive office building
  • the New York Stock Exchange
  • an apartment complex
  • a bundle of dollar notes
You can include mentors in your treasure map/vision board or make a separate collage for them.

The key to making an impressive treasure map is to look for the most compelling pictures you can find.

Go all out.



Exciting goals motivate. Reasonable goals may not.

How To Create A Treasure Map/Vision Board
  • Buy a large piece of white or colored cardboard and attach the pictures.

  • Hang the finished collage in your work space where it will inspire you.
    (You can always hide it in your closet when guests drop by.)

The Smart Goals Binder

If you find the idea of a treasure map collage too childish or embarrassing, you can keep your treasure map pictures in a binder.

  • Attach each picture onto a separate sheet of paper and insert the pages in the binder.

  • Remember to look at the binder every day to remind your subconscious what you're aiming for.
Having a photographic image of your goal also makes it more real to your subconscious; you've taken it out of your brain and onto paper.

Your subconscious recognizes that the goal exists in reality because someone has photographed it.

All that's left to do is attract it into your life.

Collecting pictures of your goals and displaying them in a treasure map brings them one step closer to materialization.

Your Newspaper Headline

Another popular alternative to a treasure map or vision board is creating a newspaper or magazine article on your computer that celebrates your meteoric rise to the top, complete with a flattering photograph of yourself. In the article you describe how you implemented the strategy outlined in your goal-setting exercise (or business plan), resulting in your outstanding success. Attach the printed article to your notice board to inspire you.

Mock-Up Awards

Another variation on the treasure map theme is the one mentioned by Mark Victor Hansen in his radio interview with Mike Litman, included in the book, Conversations With Millionaires. Mark describes how he and co-author Jack Canfield motivated themselves when the first Chicken Soup for the Soul book was published.

Mark and Jack got a copy of the New York Times bestseller list and pasted their names, along with the title of their book, in the number one position. Then they attached a copy of the modified list to each of their bathroom mirrors, in order to imbed the concept in their subconscious minds. Eventually, reality caught up with them and the book series became one of the most successful in publishing history.

Which list do you want to top?

Which awards do you want to win?

Which trophies do you want on your shelves?

Your Next Step:

  1. When you've created a treasure map or some sort of pictorial representation of your most important goals, return to the Wealth Mindset page.

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