The Secret Movie

Did you catch the shows about The Secret movie on Oprah in 2007?

the secret movie The little Aussie documentary that caused such a buzz through word-of-mouth reached the masses thanks to Oprah Winfrey's huge worldwide audience.

Many of the teachers featured in The Secret have also been interviewed on shows like Larry King Live and Ellen. So you've no doubt heard about the movie, even if you haven't actually seen it.

We'd like to give you a glimpse of everyone's talking about. And fans of The Secret movie will also appreciate these short videos.

The following videos, created by the producers after the movie was released, are both excellent affirmation and visualization tools. Naturally they'll resonate more with you once you've watched The Secret DVD.

  • The first daily affirmation/visualization video is called The Secret To You. Like The Secret movie, the production is visually stunning and emotionally uplifting, and you can play it in the morning to set the tone of your day:

    [You may need to turn up the sound slider button on the video toolbar]

  • The second video is called The Secret To Riches and focuses on attracting wealth. It's also around two minutes in length, and you might choose to play it at any point during your day or at night before you go to sleep:

  • the secret movie If you're serious about creating the life of your dreams, The Secret is one movie you need in your self-help library.

    But we have one word of advice before you get your own copy: the original edition featuring Esther Hicks is far superior to the second edition. Much as we appreciate all of the featured speakers, her replacement in later editions left an emotional void. Her warmth, as well as her words of wisdom, made her appearances throughout the movie a highlight. Our image link should lead you to the version where she appears.

    Other Options:

    The information presented in The Secret movie is also available in several other formats:

    the secret dvds
    The Secret 4-DVD Set

    the secret audiobook
    The Secret Audiobook

    the secret book
    The Secret Book

    the secret book
    The Secret Combination Pack

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