The Secret DVD -
Can It Change Your Life?

The Secret DVD features an Australian documentary that explores the connection between what we think and the kinds of experiences we attract into our lives. It's beautifully produced and visually stunning, but the primary impact is in the message it conveys about the hidden power we have inside us.

the secret dvdDo you want better health? A fabulous job? A fulfilling relationship? More money? No matter what you want, The Secret teaches basic principles that can be applied to any area of your life, starting today.

The information presented in The Secret DVD is not new. Philosophers, psychologists, metaphysicians and people from all kinds of faiths and disciplines have shared these ideas throughout recorded history. But the majority of people have failed to grasp the core message or have not really understood how to apply it.

What's brilliant about The Secret is that it presents this information in a very accessible way:

  • First, the movie presents the ideas in an easy-to-understand format.

  • And second, because it's a movie, you'll be able to play it as often as you want.
Play The Secret DVD any time you find yourself doubting your goals and dreams, or losing faith in your ability to bring them into being. This will instantly get you back on track. Or just play it to reinforce your commitment to succeeding. It's like having your own personal support team on your computer or DVD player.

What a wonderful gift.

We've been watching the movie and the daily affirmation videos for several months now and results are showing up in surprising ways. Old friends we haven't seen for years have popped back into our lives. Unexpected checks arrive in our mail box. We sold an old car at twice the price we expected. And - this is the strangest one - my eyesight has actually improved.

But a picture's worth a thousand words. Here's a two-minute video called The Secret To You which features scenes from The Secret. This daily affirmation/visualization video was created by the producers to be played each morning to set the tone of your day. It will give you a feel for the movie so you can decide if The Secret belongs in your DVD library.

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If you send me your receipt number, I'll show you where to download a free copy of The Secret To You and its companion video, The Secret To Riches.

How To Get The Secret
  • To get your copy of the The Secret DVD, or to view it online, click on The Secret Store.

  • If you buy The Secret DVD through this link, you can claim a special bonus from us as a thank-you gift:

    Our report, The Secrets Within The Secret, contains a number of practical ways to implement the message contained in The Secret.

    To claim your copy, return to this page after you've purchased The Secret DVD. Then email us a message with your receipt details and we'll send you the download link.

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