I've never been one for collecting written testimonials, mainly because I didn't anticipate the Internet and needing them for a web site.

But occasionally clients or students put pen to paper, either on a note or a card, so here's what I have on file:


Thank you for seeing me through this last 12 months and helping me learn to trust in my talent. I don't think I could have finished the course without all those 'emergency' sessions. Can't believe I'm finally living my dream.
- James M., California

I just want to say thank you for those amazing [NLP] sessions we've had over the past few months. I spent last weekend with my family and had the first real conversation with my mother EVER. All that anger and anxiety I usually feel around her just wasn't there! We talked about some personal things and I found myself feeling empathy for her. She isn't the enemy any more, and I think we might actually have a chance to get to know each other as people.

Words can't express how I feel right now. Thank you. 
- Marion H., California

How great you must feel about helping people the way you do. I can't thank you enough for seeing me through this stumbling block. I feel like I know where I'm going now and I've learned some resources to help me get there. Please accept this book as a token of my appreciation.

Len C., California

That [physiology] exercise we did last week blew my mind. I feel so much more connected to my body now instead of living mainly in my head. The people at work are asking what I'm so happy about.

Thank you for helping me break free.
- Lonny W., California

I can't thank you enough for the sessions we did on my family. I can see things so clearly now and I feel like I've let go of a whole pile of old baggage. 
- John T., California

Teaching (Australia)

Thank you for your friendship, your leadership and your significant contribution to Gold Coast Writers.
- Jenny G.

Thank you for all your help and inspiration.
- Nonie S.

You're a genius!
- Meredith W.

I have to say that yours was the best workshop I have ever attended. You managed to cram an enormous amount of information into a few short hours, and your style, along with the written material you supplied, all added up to a very professional and immensely informative presentation.

I started from a point of knowing nothing about (the subject), but came away armed with a very good grasp of the basics and armed with the knowledge to do further research - thanks to you.
- Kay B.

I attended an eight-week course on this subject at a community college and learned very little. I then attended your one-day workshop and learned more there than in the whole eight weeks of the other course.
- Paul B.

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your workshop - the content was very relevant to what I am trying to achieve. You have an excellent way of presenting the information; the whole presentation was very professional and we all appreciated the open manner with which you encouraged class input. I look forward to attending future workshops conducted by you.
- Paul B. (#2)

Thank you for all your help and guidance and for inspiring us to make our dreams come true.
- Luke L.

The class was awesome and I learned heaps. Thanks for your encouragement.
- Alan

When I saw you were running another workshop I phoned immediately to sign up. The topic wasn't important - I knew that if you were running it, it had to be good!
- Maggie J.

Disclaimer:  This site is purely educational and we make no claims or guarantees with regard to the information presented. Please consult a certified NLP practitioner for individual coaching in the use of NLP techniques. We strongly advise consulting a financial industry professional before embarking on a wealth creation journey.

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