Rehearsing For Success With NLP

One of the key principles in changing a behavior involves deliberately rehearsing the new desired behavior. At first this may feel somewhat artificial and unnatural, but it is a very effective way to install a new habit.

The scientific term for this technique is

Fake It Till You Make It

There are several NLP techniques that cover this mental preparation for success.

1. New Behavior Generator

This technique is generally used to adopt the behavior of a role model, so it's categorized as a modeling technique.

You'll find the instructions on the The New Behavior Generator page.

2. Acting As If

This technique is exactly what its name implies: you act as if you're already who you want to be. In essence this incorporates a number of other NLP techniques such as

3. Present Self/Future Self

Here is another visualization process you can use to enhance your As If behavior.

  1. Find a quiet place and ensure your privacy for at least one hour.

  2. Sit in a relaxed posture and close your eyes.

  3. Picture yourself in the (not too distant) future as you wish to be. Take as much time as you need to add in all the elements you feel should be included. Take note of how your future self looks, dresses, moves, speaks, stands and walks, etc.

  4. Stand up, and with your eyes still closed, imagine your future self standing about six feet in front of you.

  5. Ask your future self what he or she did to get from where you are today to where he or she is now. Pay close attention to the answers.

  6. Take one or two steps closer to your Future Self, reach out your arm and touch hands.

  7. Ask your Future Self to help you bridge the gap.

  8. Imagine your Future Self turning and walking away as you follow in his or her footsteps.

  9. Open your eyes and write down what you need to do to become your Future Self.

  10. Then begin doing it. Imagine that every step you take towards your own goals is a footprint left behind by your Future Self. As long as you keep following these footprints, the results should be consistent with your imagined future.

Your Next Step:
  1. When you've mastered these techniques, return to the Wealth Mindset page and choose another one.

  2. If you've set up a work space and you're ready to take action, go to the Money Vehicles page and select the one that appeals to you most.

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