The Queensland Cashflow Club

If you lived on the Gold Coast or Brisbane, Australia, in 2004 through to 2014, chances are you attended at least one meeting of the Queensland Cashflow Club. learning how to play Robert Kiyosaki's financial board game, Cashflow 101. In addition, some members hosted games in between the regularly scheduled events.

view from cafe
View of Surfers Paradise from one of the club's venues

The club disbanded in recent years as members became increasingly involved in real-world wealth creation ventures. But it was a wonderful experience for all who participated, and resulted in several business joint ventures and many lifelong friendships.

A table of cashflow 101 players
Cashflow 101 players usually play 5-6 to a table

The Club's History

The Queensland Cashflow Club was founded by Angie Lee, a 16 year-old high school student who purchased the game in December 2001 after reading Robert Kiyosaki's financial bestseller, Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

Angie began playing Cashflow with her older brothers, but they soon decided to seek out other players in the area. She placed an ad on the Internet and met several keen players from Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Angie then set up the Oz Cashflow website for Cashflow players around Australia, making contact with over 300 people.

The Brisbane-based players began holding their own meetings in Brisbane while Angie's core group met in the members' homes on the Gold Coast. But as the club expanded, they chose to meet at a public venue, and after two years at Pacific Fair, decided a café on the river provided a more enjoyable and relaxed venue.

In early 2003 Angie moved from the area to begin her University studies and an informal committee took over the running of the club. We remain appreciative of her vision and of the opportunity we were given to pursue our financial education in such an enjoyable way.

The club was an informal structure with no joining fees. Players attended the meetings as their schedules permitted, and often formed alliances with other members to explore special interests such as real estate, the stock market or building a business.

playing cashflow 101 outdoors
Playing Cashflow outdoors in summer

Finding A Cashflow Club In Your Area

The Rich Dad web site now lists Cashflow clubs around the world. Just visit the site at and click on Our Community.

If you can't find a club in your area, go to Google and search for 'cashflow club', along with the name of your city and state.

Your Next Step:
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  2. To purchase the Cashflow 101 game, visit Pow Wow Events in Australia or the Rich Dad web site in the United States.

  3. To learn more about our mentor, Bellum Tan, please visit the Bellum Tan page.

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