How To Create Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations are a popular tool for change and there are many excellent books and audio products on the subject.

Rather than repeat all that readily available information, we'll simply restate a few rules for the composition of effective affirmations.

Even if you've experimented with some of these methods in the past, you may find one or two variations that will make all the difference in your results.

  • Some people advise writing positive affirmations on paper 20 times a day.

  • Others suggest that you write a response column beside each affirmation and record your mind's negative reaction to each statement.

    After a time these objections should become weaker as your mind opens up to the possibility of the affirmation being valid.

  • Another approach is to write or state your positive affirmations in three ways:
    • in the first person (I am wealthy)
    • the second person (you are wealthy)
    • the third person (she is wealthy).

    You may do this alone or with a partner.
All of these approaches are useful, so if one or several appeal to you, feel free to try them for a period of time.

We prefer the simple approach of verbally stating positive affirmations, both in the company of others (using silent self-talk) or in private (in front of your bathroom mirror or while in a state of relaxation).

The Rules

There are only a few key points to remember when composing affirmations:
  • Affirmations must be stated in the positive:
    I'm no longer 10 pounds overweight
    I now weigh xxx pounds

  • Affirmations are more effective if you include your name:
    I am an excellent copywriter
    I, Robert, am an excellent copywriter

  • Affirmations must be stated in the present tense:
    I, Bob, will be vibrantly healthy
    I, Bob, am vibrantly healthy now!

  • Affirmations must be specific:
    I, Jane, am now wealthy
    I, Jane, am generating $2,000 a week in passive income now!

  • Adding the word 'now' can make affirmations more immediate:
    I, Susan, deserve a loving relationship
    I, Susan, deserve a loving relationship now!


Sometimes if the positive affirmation is too big a leap from where you are now, your mind will strenuously object. There are several ways to counteract this:
  1. Change the verb to an ongoing action rather than a completed one:
    I, Marianne, am now worth one million dollars
    I, Marianne, am steadily increasing my income towards my goal of one million dollars per annum

  2. Give yourself permission to succeed:
    I, Paul, deserve to generate one million dollars per annum through my business
    It is okay for me, Paul, to generate one million dollars per annum through my business

  3. Use a cause-effect approach:
    The more I, William, work on my business, the more cash flows into my bank account

  4. Let go of negative past experiences that impact on this area:
    I, Penny, forgive myself for not succeeding in my previous business enterprises
    I, Trish, forgive my former business partner for embezzling the profits from our company

  5. Let go of a self-imposed pressure to succeed:
    I, Ryan, allow myself the necessary time to build a truly successful construction business with an annual profit of $50,000

Goals Affirmations

Write each of your most important goals on a 3x5 card, then turn it over and compose a statement as if you've already achieved that goal.
  • Each week, select one of the cards and attach it to your bathroom mirror.
  • Read the card aloud each morning as you're applying your make-up or shaving.
  • Tell yourself what you're going to achieve that day:
    Today I, Terry, will sell 20 magazine subscriptions
    Today I, Lisa, will make 20 phone calls to potential customers
  • If you find it embarrassing to have family members or roommates read your cards, either remove them when you leave the bathroom or challenge your critics to come up with a goal of their own and teach them this method.

Record Your Positive Affirmations

You can record your favorite positive affirmations onto a tape or CD and use it in a number of situations:
  • Play the recording in your car.
  • Listen to the recording while you run, walk or do other physical activities that don't require your conscious attention.
  • Listen to the recording as you fall asleep at night.

Create Subliminal Recordings

You can create a subliminal soundtrack if you have recording capabilities on your computer or you know someone who does.
  • Record some soothing music or natural sounds on one track (use rain, pounding surf, etc.).

  • Record your positive affirmations on the second track with the volume set just BELOW the audible level.
You can play this recording in the background as you work or do other activities. The only thing you will hear is the music or sounds, but your subconscious will pick up the inaudible positive affirmations.

Negative Affirmations

What are negative affirmations?
  • All those unconscious putdowns you inflict on yourself throughout the day.
  • All those statements implying a negative expectation of whatever project or action you've embarked on.
  • All those unthinkingly negative descriptions you give about your life, your abilities, your accomplishments, your relationships and so on.
We are usually unaware of the number of times we condemn ourselves each day. The first step is to start noticing our own self-sabotaging habits. And the next step is to start contradicting ourselves when we notice a self-critical statement.

If it's too big a leap to say the opposite, at the very least modify the statement into something that more closely resembles reality. Things are rarely as black-and-white as we paint them.

The Big YES

In the Science of Mind philosophy they have a saying, "The Universe is a big Yes."

What this means is that the Universe doesn't evaluate what you say. Its job is to automatically give you more of whatever it is you say you deserve.

So if you habitually say, "I'm a penniless loser!" the Universe says, "Okay. Let's give him some more of that."

On the other hand, if you say, "I'm a successful entrepreneur now!" the Universe will again reply, "Okay. Let's give him more of that."

This is the principle behind positive affirmations.

Your Next Step:
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  2. Try a variation on the positive self-talk theme by visiting the Power of Questions page.

  3. Return to the Wealth Mindset page and experiment with more alternative techniques.

  4. Visit the Amazon web sites for books on positive affirmations:

Disclaimer: This site is purely educational and we make no claims or guarantees with regard to the information presented. Please consult a certified NLP practitioner for individual coaching in the use of NLP techniques. We strongly advise consulting a financial industry professional before embarking on a wealth creation journey.

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