Why This Personality Test
Can Get You To Your Dreams Faster

How would you like to know the easiest, least stressful way to achieve your dreams? The answer may lie in a personality test devised by a Scottish-Chinese architecture graduate from Cambridge, UK.

Roger Hamilton Personality TestRoger Hamilton is an amazing man who is living the dream that many of us aspire to. A self-made millionaire in his late 20s, Roger achieved financial freedom by the age of 30. He currently owns and operates eight international businesses in the fields of publishing, property, event management, training and franchising. He's also the chairman of XL Results Foundation, the largest entrepreneur network in the Asia Pacific region.

I've talked about Roger before in the March issue of the newsletter, but his name came up again yesterday during our Cashflow game. Several players are in the process of starting new businesses, and some were already having problems with personality clashes among the partners. We got talking about Roger's online personality test, which helps people define which of the eight categories they fall into, and how they can use this information to more easily achieve financial success.

Roger's test is based on a combination of ancient Chinese philosophy, the work of legendary psychologist Carl Jung, and the Myers-Briggs personality test. His premise is that every business needs differing personality types to succeed: ideas people, systems people, support people, deal makers and so on. If you have a business where too many of your key people are similar personality types, you're probably doomed to failure.

A good example is when a group of creative people get together and decide to market one of their ideas. If they don't have access to people who can organize the details, get the project completed and present it to the right market, their ideas won't see the light of day. This is why actors, musicians, writers and artists have managers and agents, not to mention accountants and lawyers. Their talents are in the creative or performing areas, not in managing and marketing.

Are You Fighting Your Personality Type?

If you've been struggling to achieve success, switching from one hat to another in an attempt to be a one-person band, this may be something to take a look at. No one is good at everything, and it's stressful trying to force yourself into roles that just don't fit.

Discover your true strengths, then step back and find a way to enlist other people to do the tasks that you don't have a natural aptitude for. You may have to start small if you have no budget – bartering or exchanging services can be a great alternative to paying for help. But please – stop beating yourself up because you can't stomach tasks like bookkeeping, customer service or cold calling. You may just be the wrong personality type to handle these aspects of your business.

To learn more about your personality type, and how you compare with Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Richard Branson and Oprah Winfrey, visit Roger Hamilton's site and take the personality test now. You may save years off your journey to financial freedom.

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