Notes From The Universe -
E-mail Messages To Brighten Your Day

How would you like to receive daily messages that lift your spirits, make you smile, and often bring a tear to your eye because they seem to reach down and touch your soul?

mike dooleyYou can do this by signing up for Notes from the Universe, a wonderful newsletter created by Mike Dooley, one of the inspiring speakers in The Secret.

Mike's web site, which he runs with his mother and brother, offers all kinds of goodies for people who want to create the most fulfiling realities for themselves. You'll find beautiful postcards you can send to friends, annual cruises hosted by Mike, books by various members of the Dooley clan, and lots more.

In a time when we're increasingly bombarded by e-mails pushing us to grab some must-have offer "before it's too late", it's so refreshing to receive messages speaking words of encouragement and reminding us of how magnificent we are. Makes you want to get up from your computer and go hug someone!

To get your daily notes, visit Mike's web site by clicking on Mike Dooley. Then click on the PINK button at the top of the page named "Sign Up For the Notes".