The Ultimate NLP Self Help CD -
Michael Norman's Your Instant Life Revolution

In January 2015, Michael Norman removed his program, Your Instant Life Revolution, from the online marketplace, offering it only through affiliates. We will be looking at promoting the program through the new system when we return from vacation in early February.

In the meantime, if you need to contact Michael, please email him directly at

How useful is NLP self help? Perhaps we should start with a question:

Are you overcome with debilitating emotions whenever you try to take action on something that's important to you?

michael norman your instant life revolution nlp self helpIt may be something as simple as inviting someone you like to dinner, or it might be some crucial action you need to take to move your career to the next level.

Whatever it is, the bottom line is that although you want something badly, you're paralyzed by an unwanted feeling that stops you in your tracks.

How do you get past something that feels so insurmountable?

Michael Norman has created an NLP self help audio program called Your Instant Life Revolution that aims to dismantle these kinds of blocks. When I read the information on his web site I must admit I was skeptical, but I purchased the product out of curiosity, expecting to find some recycled rubbish that would prompt me to demand a refund.

Instead, I was impressed.

Michael has taken some key concepts from the field of neurolinguistic programming (or NLP) and created an easy-to-use NLP self help package that you can utilize at home to literally change your life. In a few minutes a day you can use this CD (and manual) to overcome unwanted states like:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Panic
  • Lack of Confidence
  • Self Loathing
  • Overwhelm
  • Hopelessness
  • Pessimism
  • Fear
  • Anger
  • Jealousy
  • Impatience
The list goes on.

How do I know this works?

If you'd met me 20 years ago you'd have seen a person who rarely smiled, someone whose voice was often a monotone, and who spent most days dreading what she imagined might happen next. I contemplated suicide on a regular basis but was never brave (or foolish) enough to follow through.

I'd battled anxiety and depression since my teens, and had explored a whole range of therapies before stumbling across NLP in 1985. Within a few months I was learning to laugh again and my persona began morphing from Tragedy Queen to Fun Companion. I ran NLP patterns on myself intermittently for another two years before I could finally feel I'd left my suicidal tendencies behind. Staying in a destructive marriage no doubt had a lot to do with slowing down that process.

nlp self help - fighting depression
Pre-NLP: Living under a black

nlp self help - having fun
Post-NLP: Hamming it up on

Unlike you, I didn't have the benefit of an NLP self help audio program like Michael's. It's so brilliantly put together that it removes most of the effort from the process of eliminating destructive emotions. It's a pleasure to put on the headphones and drift away to the sound of Michael's voice, allowing the changes to happen naturally and effortlessly.

But don't just take my word for it. Here's what other people are saying about Michael:

"The positive changes are immediate and profound. I have used the program to work specifically to eliminate the limitations of procrastination, irritability, anger and impatience with what I feel is dramatic success. In many years of personal experience, I have found absolutely nothing that compares with the power and effectiveness of this program to change limited behaviour patterns. Nothing that I have tried has produced the "instantaneous" results that are noticeable with this program."
- Patrick W. Touhey. Michigan, USA.

"I felt scared standing on top of a step-ladder or going near to the ledge of a tall building. This fear has now been cured with just one listening to Michael Norman's 'Your Instant Life Revolution'. Unlike an awful lot of other self-help stuff - this works."
- Colin Ibberson, England.

"This program is great - a couple of days after listening to the CD, I realised that I worried much less about what other people thought of me. The feeling is liberating - and the best thing is it's automatic and effortless. I was skeptical at first but this really does work."
- Anita G Baker, England.

"I'd like to say that the program is very effective when it comes to healing past negative experiences and takes away the emotional anguish that used to be there."
- Paul S. Mitchell, Adelaide. South Australia.

"Michael, I LOVED your Instant Life Revolution manual - It's a fabulous addition to the CD and so useful in its own right too - your method for changing emotions is so easy to follow, and the various areas of life's issues you cover within it are invaluable - certainly a tool that will come off the shelf for review time and time again. Something I'd recommend for all my job seeking clients"
- Shelley Cox. Career Development Professional. Australia

"I love the CD. Amazing! The very first thing I worked on was a sort of shyness about speaking up and out on things. The change has indeed been effortless because I am not plowing my way through by willpower or anything like that, it is just happening! I listen to a lot of products, but this is truly automatic and effortless as claimed. I am very happy to have discovered your work and I am grateful for it everyday."
- David Mahen, Wilmington, Ohio. USA.

"Hi Michael, I received your program on Monday and I am really impressed at how well it works! I really love instant results and you deliver what you promise, thank you. The reason I bought your product was because I was having great difficulty being in my own skin/body in the presence of others. In following your instructions and 'doing' the program I have faced my panic (and it's no longer a problem). I have several Paraliminal CD's from Learning Strategies and the Holosync program and various other programs but none compares to the instant result I had from your program. Very few products I have bought have lived up to my expectation (I like the instantaneous outcome), yours does. Thank you thank you thank you. With love Kerry."
- Kerry Schippers, Perth. Western Australia.

"I can't thank you enough Michael. I have studied more than 50 self improvement courses or books. I have studied self hypnosis, subliminal messaging, self empowerment courses. I have always known that something needed to be fixed, but could never really pin point it. My husband tells me that I am the kindest, most loving person he has ever met. He could never pinpoint exactly why I felt I needed to improve myself. But, after listening to your CD and self rewinding all that has ailed me for so many years, he has discovered an even more compassionate, kind loving, happy woman. He says I look years younger, pounds lighter, incredibly more happier. I have lost 19 pounds miraculously. It's just melted away. I sleep like a baby. And I couldn't be happier. Thanks so much I really appreciate your work."
- Mary F De Luca. Ontario, Canada.

Impressive results, aren't they? And I love the fact that these comments are from people from different countries with different problems and challenges. The beauty of the program is that you choose the 'issue' you're going to work on that day, then you let the program work its magic.

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