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Did you know that change can occur in an instant?

Many people believe that change is a laborious process that happens one step at a time. And it can be. We grow up one day at a time, we learn a new skill over time, and we construct buildings one brick (or plank) at a time. It would seem that most meaningful change requires a substantial time frame in order to take place.

But it can also happen like a bolt of lightning.

  • Did you ever feel you'd never learn to swim or ride a bike, then changed your mind the second you mastered it?

  • Have you ever imagined someone didn't like you until they asked you for a date or invited you to their party?

  • Did you ever love a particular food until the day you overindulged and lost your taste for it?

  • Have you ever idolized a stunningly gorgeous man or woman, and then been repulsed when you saw the depth of their vanity?

You could say your feelings about the subject were reframed. It's as if you're looking at the same picture, but it has different frame around it. In other words, the meaning has changed from positive to negative or vice versa.

You now see that person or event in a different light. And you can never go back to feeling the way you did before that change in perception.

This is the kind of shift that can transform your life.

  • What if you could reverse your negative self-image?

  • What if you could alter your expectations about your future success?
    About the amount of money you think you deserve?
    The kind of lifestyle you feel is possible?
    The kind of relationships you believe you can create?

It's all achievable. It happens every day, often without any conscious intent. And it also works when you use the process deliberately. Many people have been instantaneously reframed using quick-change techniques.

The point is, not every technique works the same way for everyone. What turns on the spotlight for you may not work for me. For me it will be something different, because I'm a different person. We all are.

And that's the primary purpose of this web site.

It contains a variety of articles and techniques on this amazing process of quick change. One of these might contain the exact information that your brain needs to turn itself around and start firing on all cylinders.

We discontinued the newsletter some time ago in favor of putting all our most relevant ideas on the site. So please take some time to wander through the pages and pick and choose what you think might work best for you.

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