The NLP New Behavior Generator

The New Behavior Generator is an NLP technique. Like many others, it will flow more efficiently if you record the instructions or ask a close friend or support team member to read them to you.

Make sure you won't be disturbed for at least half an hour.

Sit or lie comfortably, then begin.

  1. Identify a person (or role model) who has the behavior you want for yourself.

  2. Close your eyes and imagine you're watching a short movie of that person in action.

    Pay close attention to
    • how they look
    • how they use their body
    • how they sit, stand and walk
    • how they talk
    • what they say
    • how they say it

  3. Decide whether you are satisfied with their behavior and really want to model it.

  4. If not, choose someone else and start again.

  5. Close your eyes and run the movie again, this time imagining yourself in your role model's place.

  6. Make sure you adjust any negative aspects of your own behavior (such as saying, "I can't do that!" etc.), changing one thing at a time until you like what you see and hear.

  7. Mentally step inside the picture and look out through your own eyes.

  8. Ask yourself what it's like to be that person with the new desirable behaviors.

  9. Imagine a future situation where you want to behave that way.

  10. See yourself in that situation doing that behavior.

  11. Step into the picture and look out through your own eyes.

  12. Make any further refinements that you think are necessary.

  13. Open your eyes and return to the present moment

  14. Imagine that you are the 'new you' with the desired behaviors.

  15. Get up and walk around as that new person.
    Notice how if feels.

  16. Anchor the feeling by making a fist or some other subtle but distinctive gesture.

  17. Begin using the new behavior as soon as possible. You can think of yourself as an actor preparing for a part. In a very short time you'll become that part.

Modeling On The Fly

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to draw on a role model's resources quickly, here's one way to do that.

  1. Imagine your role model standing a couple of steps in front of you and facing the same direction that you are.

  2. Step forward in the role model's body and deal with the situation as if you are that person.

  3. If taking a physical step isn't practical, imagine the role model's body floating towards you until it blends with your body.

Like anchoring, the New Behavior Generator can be used alone or with complementary techniques like Physiology and Acting As If to create whatever changes you wish. There are many success stories of people simply deciding to change and then acting like the person they want to be. Very soon this becomes who they are.

A Modeling Example

Jenny was a successful business owner in her mid-thirties who felt she had never been truly happy. After a series of disastrous relationships with men, she despaired of ever finding the right person with whom to raise a family.

One morning she woke up with a very clear intention - she was going to learn to be a happier person. She examined her internal image of what a happy life would look like and resolved to create that now. The catch was that in her picture, she was surrounded by a loving husband and two children.

Jenny questioned which aspects of her fantasy were under her direct control and decided there were two. Number one, she could learn to be happy with her life as it was right now, and number two, she could stop waiting for Mr. Right and look into adopting a child on her own. Within 12 months she was the proud parent of a two-year-old daughter.

The interesting result was that soon after Jenny began living the life of her successful future self, she attracted the man of her dreams and they married within a short time. Together they had another child and the marriage is still going strong 14 years later.

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