Motivational Articles

When people are ready for a new direction in their lives, sometimes all it takes to send them on their way is the smallest of stimuli - a passing comment, a throwaway line, or a story of how someone else dealt with a situation that in some way resembles theirs.

The monthly stories in our newsletter aim to provide that stimulus. Naturally they won't apply to all of our readers, but because they focus on the topic of wealth creation, they all contain something of relevance for people who want financial freedom. And who knows when the story you read one month will be just what your secret self needs to hear, setting in motion a subtle shift that will eventually change everything.

Richard Bandler, the genius behind many of the NLP techniques, once said,

"When people are ready to change, all you have to do is lean towards them and blow."

We can't do that with a newsletter, so we'll have to settle for using words.

Here is a list of our featured motivational articles: