Your Money Vehicle

money vehicle

Choosing your money vehicle belongs in the action category of the hidden wealth keys triangle.

Although there are only three vehicles through which money can flow into your life, there are a variety of money-making options within each of them.

The first money vehicle is your own business.

There are several ways to go about this.

  1. One is to identify your life's purpose and brainstorm a way to start making that happen. Whether you want to be an actor or unlock the cellular secrets of aging, you will need to start with a step-by-step plan and then put a business structure into place.

    Although your life's purpose may involve working for someone else, you still need to make decisions about
    • whether you wish to work as an employee
    • whether you wish to work as a sub-contractor (i.e., through your own company) and
    • how you wish to invest your profits.

  2. The second way is to start a business as a means of amassing capital, with the idea that you'll pursue your life's purpose once you're financially independent. You might consider this business as the first in your multiple streams of income. Once it's profitable, you can pay someone else to run it and use your time to do what you truly want.

The second money vehicle is the stock market.

There are many ways to invest in the stock market and you'll find them on the stock market page.

If the stock market appeals to you, you need to keep three things in mind.

  1. Perhaps even more than the other two money vehicles, the stock market is an arena where you need to be in charge of your emotions. The wrong split-second decision in the markets can lead to a potentially huge loss. You need to be in a calm, resourceful state to make balanced decisions at times when the market is going haywire. And your decisions should enable you to sleep well at night.

  2. Education is of paramount importance in this arena. 95% of the people who trade the markets lose their money due to a combination of poor impulse control and not knowing what they're doing.

    Learn the basics of fundamental analysis - the interpretation of company reports - and technical analysis - the interpretation of charts. Invest in one or two good books on each subject and spend several months mastering the information. You can paper-trade (make hypothetical purchases and sales) as you study these preliminary subjects.

    You'll also need to learn the basics about economic cycles and the economic clock.

  3. Then look at the various ways of investing and choose two, one long-term strategy and one short-term.

    Set up a long-term investment strategy for security and then look at short-term cash flow generating strategies. If you want to make your living through the stock market, you'll need to master trading stocks, options or futures.

The third money vehicle is the real estate market.

If you like the thought of owning real assets, as opposed to paper assets like stocks and bonds, then the property market might suit you.

  1. Again, staying calm and objective is very important as impulsiveness can lead to poor decision-making when you're looking at potential properties to buy or selling a property you no longer want.

  2. You also need to be very emotionally flexible in this market, as you'll be dealing with buyers, sellers, agents, bank managers, tradesmen, tenants, government officials, lawyers and accountants. The property market is far more people-oriented than the stock market, so you need to have (or develop) good people skills. In this market, other people will play a large role in your success.

Multiple Streams Of Income

Even if your ultimate goal is to create income from all three categories, it's best to master one at a time. Choose your first vehicle and make a start on your wealth creation journey. For more on this concept, read Robert Allen's excellent book, Multiple Streams of Income.

Your Next Step:
  1. When you've chosen your first money vehicle, visit the Financial Education page for tips on gathering the information you need.