A Model Strategy

When you've tested a few of the wealth mindset techniques and you've found some that work for you, try using them in combination to increase their effectiveness.

Here is one scenario for combining several of the wealth mindset techniques to propel yourself into action. You can use this as a checklist for your daily actions. Or create your own.

  1. Take 5 minutes before you start your day to give thanks for all the gifts you've received in your life so far.
    This will set the tone for the day by giving you a sense of abundance. Most likely you have more positives in your life than you realize.

  2. Set a clear, specific goal (or goals) for the day.
    Perhaps this is part of a long-term goal or simply a short-term objective. Either way, know what you want to have accomplished by the end of the day.

  3. Make sure you have a suitable workspace.
    Everyone needs a base from which to pursue his or her goals, even if it's just a desk where you keep track of your paperwork.

  4. Choose the physiology that matches the state you need to accomplish today's goal.
    Ask yourself, "How does a confident, energized person sit, stand, walk, look and talk?" Then do it.

  5. Enhance your state with anchors.
    Remember a time when you felt really confident, powerful or energized and associate it to the physiology you're using.

  6. Model a person who best exemplifies the state.
    You can set this up in private before a meeting or activity by using the New Behavior Generator, or use the on-the-fly version of the same technique.

  7. Dress the part.
    For interactions with other people, create an outfit that totally enhances each of your three most useful states. Keep each clean and ready to wear. Add any jewelry that you've set up as an anchor.

  8. Wear a scent that amplifies the state.

  9. Act as if you are a person who exemplifies this state.

  10. Use the vocabulary of a successful person.
    Say "Things are great!!" or use other positive statements. Downplay the negatives in your life.

  11. Use affirmations or declarations to reinforce the state.
    Prepare yourself by repeat silently, "I am a confident person. I am literally brimming with self-confidence!"

  12. Use questions to reinforce the state.
    Ask yourself, "Wow! How did I get to be so confident and energized?" Let your brain make up some reasons.

  13. Use sentence stems to reinforce the state:
    Say, "I am utterly confident in this situation because…"

  14. Remind yourself of your goal or outcome in the situation.
    Say to yourself, "My mission this morning/today/tonight is to … And I'm going to make it happen!"

  15. Change your environment.
    To the best of your ability, make sure your surroundings support your new self-image, whether it's your workspace, the restaurant or coffee shop you choose for a business meeting, or the car you arrive in for the meeting.

These techniques can be used when interacting with others and also when working alone.

Whether you're running a business meeting, making a phone call or working on your computer, your state will have a major effect on the results of your efforts. So take a few minutes to create the right mindset, then go for it with everything you've got.

Your Next Step:
  1. Spend one week practicing one or all of the strategies listed above. Make a note of any changes you experience as a result.

  2. If you need to review all the wealth mindset strategies, return to the Wealth Mindset page.

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