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As all sorts of people seem to be compiling top 10 lists, I thought it was time I made a list of some of my favorite marketing teachers. One or more of them may have just the type of information you need to make this a successful year.

Here are my top marketing mentors in no particular order:

  1. Jay Conrad Levinson

    jay conrad levinsonJay is the godfather of US marketers and is the author of the phenomenally successful Guerilla Marketing book series.

    According to the legend, Jay was lecturing in business at a prestigious US university when he realized that all the current marketing textbooks were geared for large corporations; there was nothing available for the small business owner. So he wrote Guerilla Marketing, a highly readable book packed with low-cost effective marketing strategies. The book was so popular that it led to a series of additional publications, including Guerilla Selling, Guerilla Marketing Weapons and Guerilla Marketing Online.

    I discovered Jay's books in the early 1990's and they taught me that it's possible for a so-called little person to market themselves or their business effectively with very little outlay. In fact, some of the guerilla strategies are easier for the small business owner to utilize because they're able to work on the fly, whereas large corporations are hampered by too much bureaucracy. The same principles apply to Internet marketing, which Jay's books prefigured by almost a decade.

    Jay's web site is located at Guerilla Marketing. The site features a large range of articles on all aspects of marketing.

  2. Jay Abraham

    jay abrahamMy other favorite Jay is Jay Abraham, one of the marketing arena's biggest stars. Over the past 25 years, Jay has helped grow some of the largest corporations in America, from Microsoft to Citibank. His books and products focus on helping readers discover their hidden talents, which they can then learn to market profitably.

    Jay's audiotape package, Your Secret Wealth, helped me to identify which wealth creation vehicles fit best with my personality and natural inclinations. I've always felt we shouldn't perform an activity simply for the financial reward, and identifying a talent and exploring how it can generate income, as Jay does, is a more organic process that works from the inside out. It leads to greater congruency, and fits in with the quest for one's life purpose.

    You can find Jay's web site at Jay Abraham Publishing.

  3. Robert Allen

    robert allenRobert started his amazing career in real estate, writing a book in the early 1980s called Nothing Down, which became one of the most successful financial books in publishing history. From there he branched out into the wider wealth creation field, creating two additional best sellers called Multiple Streams of Income and Multiple Streams of Internet Income. I consider the first of these two books to be my bible on wealth creation.

    More recently, Robert teamed up with Mark Victor Hansen to co-author The One Minute Millionaire, a highly original book that is 50% novel and 50% practical how-to strategies. If you're serious about wealth creation, you need to have this one in your library. Robert also offers a wealth of material in video and audio formats, and runs an international mentorship program for aspiring millionaires.

    You can find his web sites at Multiple Streams of Income
    and One Minute Millionaire. Each site offers free reports for download.

  4. Mark Victor Hansen

    mark victor hansenMark is the co-author (with Jack Canfield) of the publishing phenomenon known as the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series. Mark's story on how this project came about is included in Mike Litman's excellent book, Conversations with Millionaires, which you can find at Conversations with Millionaires.

    Mark collaborated with Robert Allen on The One Minute Millionaire project. They offer a variety of teleconference calls and free events around the US, so be sure to get onto their mailing lists to stay informed of dates and/or locations.

    I became a fan of Mark's when I read his book called Out of the Blue, which focuses on learning to enjoy the moments of our lives. His web site offers many inspiring articles and information on maintaining not only a wealth mindset, but also a life-affirming one.

    Mark's web site is at the Mark Victor Hansen web site.

  5. Corey Rudl

    corey rudlCorey is the original wiz kid of Internet marketing, having parlayed his initial product, an e-book on cars, into an $8,000,000 plus industry in a few short years. Corey offers a variety of courses, e-books and support programs to anyone wanting to make money online. His Internet marketing course, The Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet, has outsold all other similar products for three years running.

    Corey's products gave me my initial education on how Internet marketing really works. They're packed with practical information and I'm still working my way through the many techniques.

    To learn more about Corey, visit The Internet Marketing Center.

  6. Ken Evoy

    ken evoyKen is the genius behind Site Build It! (SBI), the web building program I used to create this site. Ken is a Canadian doctor who, over the past several years, has developed Site Build It! into a powerhouse all-in-one web creation product. SBI sites are among the top ranking sites online, with 50% of them in the top 6 percentile, and 17% in the top 2.

    Ken's 600-page manual guided me through the process of building and promoting my site, while the SBI staff was readily available to answer any questions I had along the way. One of the features I like best about SBI is its time-saving applications. I love the automatic search engine submission function, not to mention having each web page critiqued before submission. I still have lots more features to explore, including the link exchange program available to all SBI web owners.

    To tap into Ken's vast knowledge of Internet marketing, visit his web site at Site Sell.

  7. Neil Shearing

    neil shearingNeil was an English PhD student when he started a web site in 1995 to supplement his income while completing his thesis. In the process he found a new life purpose. He now gets over a million visitors a year to his sites and produces low-cost high-value products for Internet marketers. Along with Ken Evoy, Neil was an immense support when I put my first site together. He replied to all of my e-mails promptly, and no question was too mundane to merit a thorough answer.

    Neil can help anyone with a good idea start from zero income and build a successful web business.

    His web site can be found at Scamfree Zone.

  8. Jim Edwards

    jim edwardsI've been on Jim's mailing list since my earliest days online and his tips and comments have helped me grasp the underlying concepts of online marketing. His book, How to Write an e-book in 7 Days, co authored with Joe Vitale, is a top quality how-to guide for creating your first e-book. I found it to be an excellent blend of left- and right-brain techniques. And the method actually works! I also appreciated the many tips on Internet marketing included in the book.

    You can find Jim online at 7 Day Ebook.

  9. Stephen Pierce

    stephen pierceStephen runs several top-notch stock market sites, and is the author of the brilliant resource, The Whole Truth, an e-book exposing the half-truths promoted in many Internet marketing courses. It clarified a lot of the information I was devouring when I first looked at this arena. The very useful bonus included with the product is an e-book critiquing many of the top Internet marketing products currently available.

    To learn more about Stephen's products, visit his web sites at The Whole Truth.

  10. Rebecca Fine

    rebecca fineRebecca found a worthwhile book in the public domain book (The Science of Getting Rich), offered it free on her web site, and built up a successful international business in a few short years. Everything about her presentation is professional and yet it retains a personal touch as well. She offers a wonderful monthly newsletter and a range of products that support the purpose of her free offering.

    Rebecca's newsletter will often feature an article that says exactly what I need to hear (or be reminded of) at the time. She doesn't play the hard sell game. Instead she offers something of value and her ongoing support. And her visitors reward her accordingly.

    To visit her site, go to The Science of Getting Rich.