Financial Resources

Here are some financial resources that we've found to be helpful in mastering the various aspects of wealth creation.

The Amazon web site features reviews on many of these books so you can make an informed decision on which ones you read. Just copy and paste the title or author name into the Amazon search box at the bottom of the page.

tick Financial Planning
  • The Richest Man in Babylon – George Clason (USA)
  • It's Never Too Late to Get Rich – Jim Jorgensen (USA)
  • Get Rich Slowly – William T. Spitz (USA)
  • The Courage to Be Rich – Suze Orman (USA)
  • Wealth Without Risk – Charles A. Givens (USA)
  • How to Start with No Savings & Get Rich Safely – Stuart Moore (AUST)
  • The Wealthy Barber – David Chilton (AUST)
  • The Golden Rules of Wealth – Noel Whittaker (AUST)

tick The Stock Market
  • Wall Street: A History – Charles R. Geisst (USA)
  • A Short History of Financial Euphoria – John Kenneth Galbraith (USA)
  • Martin Zweig’s Winning on Wall Street – Martin Zweig (USA)
  • Reminiscences of a Stock Operator – Edwin LeFevre (USA)
  • Zen in the Markets – Edward Allen Toppel (USA)
  • Contrary Investing for the 90s – Richard E. Band (USA)
  • Understanding the Stock Exchange – N. E. Renton (AUST)
  • How the Stock Market Really Works – Martin Roth (AUST)
  • The Intelligent Investor’s Guide to Share Buying – Tim Hewat (AUST)

Fundamental Analysis:
  • Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits – Philip A. Fisher (USA)
  • Buffettology – Mary Buffett (USA)
  • One Up on Wall Street – Peter Lynch (USA)
  • The Motley Fool Investment Guide – David & Tom Gardner (USA)
  • You Have More Than You Think – David & Tom Gardner (USA)
  • Rule Breakers, Rule Makers – David & Tom Gardner (USA)

Technical Analysis:
  • The Bear Book – John Rothchild (USA)
  • How to Make Money in Stocks – William J. O'Neil (USA)
  • The Secret of Candlestick Charting – Louise Bedford (AUST)
  • Bear Trading – Daryl Guppy (AUST)
  • Charting Made Easy – Merril Armstrong (AUST)
  • The Australian Investor’s Guide to Charting – Regina Meani (AUST)

  • The Disciplined Trader – Mark Douglas (USA)
  • Trading 101 – Sunny Harris (USA)
  • Trading 102 – Sunny Harris (USA)
  • Market Wizards – Jack D. Schwager (USA)
  • The New Market Wizards – Jack D. Schwager (USA)
  • Stan Weinstein’s Secrets for Profiting in Bull & Bear Markets – Stan Weinstein (USA)
  • Trading Secrets – Louise Bedford (AUST)
  • Trading for a Living – Alexander Elder (AUST)
  • Let the Trade Winds Blow – Dr Harry Stanton (AUST)

  • 45 Years on Wall Street – William D. Gann (USA)
  • How to Make Profits in Commodities – William D. Gann (USA)
  • New Stock Trend Detector – William D. Gann (USA)
  • Getting Started in Futures – Todd Lofton (USA)
  • Getting Started in Options – Michael C. Thomsett (USA)
  • The Secret of Writing Options – Louise Bedford (AUST)
  • Understanding Options Trading in Australia – Christopher Tate (AUST)

tick Property
  • Rich Dad, Poor Dad – Robert Kiyosaki (USA)
  • The Cashflow Quadrant – Robert Kiyosaki (USA)
  • Rich Kid, Smart Kid – Robert Kiyosaki (USA)
  • Rich Dad's Guide to Investing – Robert Kiyosaki (USA)
  • Retire Young, Retire Rich – Robert Kiyosaki (USA)
  • Rich Dad's Prophecy – Robert Kiyosaki (USA)
  • Real Estate Riches – Dolf De Roos (NZ/AUST/USA)
  • Building Wealth Through Investment Property – Jan Somers (AUST)
  • Building Wealth Story by Story - Jan Somers (AUST)
  • More Wealth from Residential Property – Jan Somers (AUST)
  • Negative Gearing – N. E. Renton (AUST)

tick Wealth Creation
  • Multiple Streams of Income – Robert G. Allen (USA)
  • The Aladdin Factor – Jack Canfield & Mark Victor Hansen (USA)
  • The Feng Shui of Abundance – Suzan Hilton (USA)
  • Money Secrets of the Rich – John Burley (USA)
  • The 21 Success Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires – Brian Tracy (USA)
  • Multiple Streams of Income – Robert G. Allen (USA)
  • Getting Everything You Can Out of All You’ve Got – Jay Abraham (USA)
  • The Silicon Boys – David A. Kaplan (USA)
  • The Roaring 2000s – Harry S. Dent, Jr. (USA)
  • Wealth Magic – Peter Spann (AUST)
  • Seven Steps to Wealth – John L. Fitzgerald (AUST)

tick Financial Structures
  • Loopholes of the Rich – Diane Kennedy (USA)
  • Family Trusts – N. E. Renton (AUST)

To search for any of the above titles in Amazon, just highlight the title, then copy and paste it into this form:

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Disclaimer: This site is purely educational and we make no claims or guarantees with regard to the information presented. Please consult a certified NLP practitioner for individual coaching in the use of NLP techniques. We strongly advise consulting a financial industry professional before embarking on a wealth creation journey.

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