Can A Feng Shui Tip
Turn Your Money Life Around?

When a feng shui master practitioner gives you more than one feng shui tip per room, can you really justify rearranging your entire house...

Several years ago I was teaching screenwriting courses for adults and running a 300-member writing group. While this was interesting and personally satisfying, my income was sporadic. The teaching jobs were only scheduled once a term, and writing brought in the occasional $200-300 per article. I realized I would have to do something drastic about my financial situation.

Learning About Feng Shui

Around this time I met a Chinese pranic healing master from Singapore named Peter. Peter presented a lecture on feng shui at a Health and Healing event, and afterwards I introduced myself and asked him a question about the layout of my house.

Because my question required a lengthy answer, Peter invited me to meet him during a break at his two-day workshop the following weekend. He asked me to bring a floor plan of my house so he could advise me on the most appropriate feng shui tips or 'cures'.

I worked on the plan during the week and arrived at the workshop in time for the lunch break. When I showed Peter the floor plan, he recognized the difficulty in prescribing a quick fix solution. So he offered to come to my house and make recommendations on site.

feng shui tip living roomThe following weekend Peter arrived armed with a feng shui compass and a feng shui measuring tape. He did a thorough inspection of every room, while I trailed behind him taking notes on his recommendations.

He spent almost six hours at the house, taking a break only to have lunch with my family. I had over seven pages of notes by the time he left.

Over the next few weeks we put Peter's feng shui tips into effect. I was surprised at my family's cooperation, as they're basically skeptics about these sorts of subjects. But Peter had explained that his recommendations always took into account the family's belief systems and lifestyle. His policy was to steer clear of telling people to knock down walls or reframe doors, or to do anything that was too far outside their cultural beliefs, such hanging feng shui symbols or cures.

feng shui tip gardenSo his feng shui tips focused mainly on realigning furniture, adding plants in appropriate places, and removing sharp edges from planting beds in the garden. He also suggested that I revamp my home office in keeping with the feng shui bagua.

It took a couple of weeks to find a suitable fountain for the back garden but eventually we made all the changes that Peter suggested. I was skeptical about these simple feng shui tips making any real difference in our lives but...

Is Feng Shui Magic?

A few months before meeting Peter, I had decided to look for a job. I wanted to get started on a wealth creation program and knew I needed more capital than my part-time teaching was bringing in. But despite sending out numerous resumes, I hadn't been called for a single interview, which is understandable when you live in a tourist resort with very few job opportunities.

feng shui tip back gardenShortly after we installed our outdoor fountain, positioned (in feng shui terms) to keep money from flowing through the house and down the canal behind us, I sent out four resumes to the film studios located a few miles out of town.

I was surprised to get a call the next day from one of the film companies. There was no interview, just an enthusiastic "Can you start today?"

After the initial shock, we agreed that I would begin work the following morning at a starting salary of $1,200 a week. I worked on nine film projects over the next five years, at a rapidly increasing pay rate, for companies that included Warner Brothers, Turner Broadcasting, and Disney. I invested the money in stocks, options and my own web design business.

I have no idea if the feng shui tips made the difference. All I know is that I went from five years of sporadic income to five years of abundance, including the opportunity to start a business in a field I was passionate about. But just to be on the safe side, I plan to keep that feng shui layout intact, and turn on my water fountain every day. Whatever it takes to keep the money faucet flowing!

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