EFT: Can You Tap Your Way To Wealth?

For several years now we've been looking into alternative methods of quick change based on manipulating the electro-magnetic energy fields of the body.

We were introduced to the concept through kinesiology or Touch for Health, a hands-on approach pioneered in Pasadena, California in the 1970s. Related methods include Rolfing, Hellerwork, Feldenkrais and a large range of mind–body therapies.

Our personal results with these methods have been patchy, most likely because of our limited commitment, but they've helped many thousands of people over the past decades so there's obviously some validity in the approach. And we admit our bias has always been towards more intellectually based methods such as psychotherapy.

In recent years we've encountered some new variations on the theme, in particular the Wernicke Method and NSR, or Neuro Stress Release. Both of these methods are based on techniques that involve the client pushing against their eyeballs as they focus on a problematic emotion or memory. It actually sounds worse than it is in practice.

A few months ago we came across a web site offering yet another variation called EFT, or Emotional Freedom Techniques.

EFT was developed by a Master NLP Practitioner named Gary Craig and consists of tapping on key acupuncture pressure points as you state specific affirmations. If you're a fan of affirmations, acupressure or kinesiology, or you just enjoy hitting yourself, you might like to take a look at his web site.

Garry Craig offers a no-cost EFT manual which is available for downloading as a PDF file. His web site can be found at Emotional Freedom Techniques.

Joan Sofkin, a former student of Gary's, has created a financial web site that utilizes EFT with money issues, and she also offers several no-cost downloads. While we make no claims about the efficiency of EFT as we're still experimenting with it ourselves, if you're an adventurous type and you'd like more information, you can find it at Prosperity Place.

Disclaimer: This site is purely educational and we make no claims or guarantees with regard to the information presented. Please consult a certified NLP practitioner for individual coaching in the use of NLP techniques. We strongly advise consulting a financial industry professional before embarking on a wealth creation journey.