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Advertising Rates

We are currently accepting text and graphic ads for the category pages on the Hidden Wealth Keys web site:


If you want to insert a text link, please send us a sample of what you want your ad to say. You can either write:
(1) a standard ad with a headline and 1-4 sentences of sales copy (a stand-alone short paragraph)
(2) a one-sentence text link that will be included in one of our articles.

1. Ad Format:

How To Succeed In Property Investing
To discover the strategies that successful real estate investors use, visit our web site today.

2. Sentence Format:

The final sentence in our article might read "Make sure you understand the potential pitfalls before you invest in the property market". This will be followed by your sentence and link:

"To learn the truth about investing in the real estate market, visit How To Succeed In Property Investing."


If you prefer graphic ads, we accept banners in the following sizes:

  • 160 pixels x 160 pixels

  • 468 pixels x 60 pixels

Our advertising rates are as follows:

  • $47 for 3 months (placement on 1 page)

  • $67 for 6 months (placement on 1-2 pages)

  • $87 for 12 months (placement on 1-3 pages)

If you are interested in one of these packages, please contact us via the Contact page.