Get in Touch With Your Abundance

Inspired by listening to Michael Norman's excellent CD, Your Instant Life Revolution, (see link at the end of this page), I sat down and wrote a list of areas where I've manifested some kind of abundance in my life. It was such a fun experience I thought you might like to share it. So here it is:

Ask yourself this basic question:

What people, places and things have I manifested in abundance at any stage of my life?

In other words, where have you attracted a healthy supply (or even an excess) of something you value highly?

Here's a short list of areas you can look at:

  • Family

    Do you have a large fun-loving family? A small close one? A colorful bunch of eccentric relatives? What have they taught you? What have they inspired you to learn or do? Or maybe what NOT to do?

  • Talents

    How about talents? What can you do well? What are your gifts? What skills have you acquired? What comes naturally to you? These don't have to be traditional talents like playing the violin or being a sports champion. They can be simple things like putting people at ease or staying calm under pressure.

  • Intelligence

    Are you intelligent? Are you a quick study or do you learn through sheer persistence? Do you have emotional intelligence? Musical intelligence? Problem solving skills? Street smarts? Good empathy skills? Are you a quick thinker? A wit? Someone who understands other people?

  • Health and Beauty

    Do you enjoy good health? Or are you a fighter who beat the odds and is still here? Do you have a healthy, well-formed body? What aspects of your body are beautiful? Is your beauty the inner kind as well as outer?

  • Friends

    Do you have many friends? Have you had many friends in the past? Or do you have a small group of very special friends? What about boyfriends? Girlfriends? Lovers?

  • Pets

    Do you have a pet? Have animals been a constant in your life?

  • Learning

    Do you love learning? Do you collect books? Information? Courses? Ebooks? Have you had an abundance of learning experiences?

  • Jobs

    Have you always had a job when you wanted one? Have you run a number of businesses? Do you enjoy an abundance of customers, good co-workers, great business relationships? Have you always been able to provide for your material needs?

  • Travel

    Have you traveled within your own country? In other countries? Have you explored your local area? Do you enjoy short getaways? Camping vacations? Trips to the beach?

  • Collections

    Are you a collector? Do you have an abundance of music, movies, stamps, model cars, etc?

  • Experiences

    Do you have an abundance of great memories? Are your photo albums or hard drives packed with lots of images recording your best experiences? Have you enjoyed many interesting, fun, wierd, exciting, terrifying yet worthwhile experiences in your life so far?

  • Fame and Fortune

    Have you earned the respect of your peers or the public for things that you've done or accomplished?

    Do you consider yourself lucky? Have many things come your way without any seeming effort on your part. Do you consider you live a charmed life in some ways?

    Finally what kind of money do you earn?

    Do you have savings? Investments? Your own home? A trustworthy car? Do you eat well? Live

  • And...

    What else do you have no trouble attracting into your life? Fun? Good luck? Compliments? Praise? Keep adding to your list until you feel it's complete. In a future article we'll share more ways you can use this information.

    What most people find after doing this exercise is that they have more abundance in their lives than they realized, much of it in areas they didn't consider because they take them for granted. Is this true for you? Give yourself a pat on the back for all those successes you didn't even know you'd achieved.


You may discover that financial wealth is actually the last frontier for you and you're now ready to tackle it. Here are some excellent aids to learning how to attract more money into your life.

  • What the Bleep Do We Know?  
  • If you haven't yet seen this film, get down to your local video store and rent it. And if you haven't already considered these ideas, you need to do it now.

  • The Secret 
  • Another brilliant look at how we attract people, events and things into our lives. Lots of practical info on how to do it.

  • Your Instant Life Revolution  
  • Michael Norman's excellent CD and manual, Your Instant Life Revolution, can literally change your life. If you're serious about redesigning your financial future, take a look at this wonderful resource at Your Instant Life Revolution.

Disclaimer: This site is purely educational and we make no claims or guarantees with regard to the information presented. Please consult a certified NLP practitioner for individual coaching in the use of NLP techniques. We strongly advise consulting a financial industry professional before embarking on a wealth creation journey.

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