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A Success Role Model

One of the key things I learned from NLP is the concept of modeling. Modeling is defined as finding one or more role models for whatever new skill you want to master and duplicating what these people do. And even though that doesn't necessarily guarantee instant success, it's far more efficient than the trial-and-error method. As the old cliché goes, "Why reinvent the wheel?"

success role model lisa dianeSo if you want to learn about how to create a successful business, we recently came across a lady named Lisa Diane who offers some excellent information on her web sites. Her own rags-to-riches experience certainly qualifies her as a success role model.

Lisa Diane's success predates the Internet: she started in mail order marketing and launched several million-dollar businesses before going online and creating even greater success.

What attracted my attention was Lisa Diane's statement:

Mindset is 90% of success

This is the secret behind her going from over $50,000 in credit card debt to making $653,000 from a home-based business in less than 6 months.

If you go to her web site you'll discover that she offers a high-priced training program called the 6M Profit Method.

Now I haven't purchased her product so I can't comment on it one way or the other. But I have listened to her free audios and I recommend that you do as well. Here's where you'll find them:

  1. Get a copy of Lisa Diane's free audio, The 20 Minute Miracle, by visiting Dream Life Discovery. The audio is offered via a pop-up and also at various points on the page.

  2. Lisa Diane offers an excellent ecourse called Exposing The Big Lie. This consists of 2 downloadable CDs and 3 PDF files. If you fill in the pop up box on this page you can download a free Dream Planner Worksheet.

  3. You can sign up for Lisa Diane's free Money Magnet course by visiting How To Be A Money Magnet.

  4. You can get a free report called 8 Ultimate Life-Changing Questions from her Life With A Silver Spoon web site.

  5. You can also post your results on Lisa Diane's blog at 6M Blog. She's giving away free copies of her main product (the 6M Profit Method Course at regular intervals to people who post to the blog.

And if you're already selling a product online and you'd like to improve your results, take a few moments to study how Lisa Diane has put her sites together, particularly the The 6M Profit Method.

Disclaimer: This site is purely educational and we make no claims or guarantees with regard to the information presented. Please consult a certified NLP practitioner for individual coaching in the use of NLP techniques. We strongly advise consulting a financial industry professional before embarking on a wealth creation journey.