Looking For The Missing Pieces Of The Secret? You'll Find Them In The SGR Program.

Have you caught the buzz about the SGR Program?

If you're one of the millions of people who resonated with the ideas in the movie phenomenon called The Secret but can't quite find the way to apply them in your daily life, you're not alone. Not everyone can learn about the Law of Attraction one day and start manifesting a new life a couple of weeks later. Most of us need specific steps to follow in order to move from a limiting mindset to a more expansive and rewarding one.

bob proctor jack canfield sgr programEnter Bob Proctor and Jack Canfield. If you've watched The Secret, you'll remember that both of these highly successful motivational teachers were interviewed extensively. And because of the resulting demand for additional information and coaching, they've decided to join forces to present the SGR Program.

SGR stands for "The Science of Getting Rich", which is the title of the 1910 Wallace Wattles classic on the Law of Attraction. In the SGR Program you'll gain access to Bob and Jack's wealth of experience in helping people master this fundamental law, creating lives beyond their most imaginative dreams.

My personal experience with these teachers dates back to the 1980s. Neither Bob nor Jack do anything by halves – everything you need is included in the SGR Program, and, if you don't feel you're ready for the program just yet, you get a free 7-lesson mini course just for visiting the site.

This free online course was created by three teachers from The Secret – Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield and Rev. Michael Beckwith – and is designed to bring you exactly what you've been asking for – specific ideas and techniques you can apply to your life to help you manifest more of what you want.

So visit the SGR Program today by clicking on the graphic below and grab your 7 free lessons:

bob proctor jack canfield sgr program

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