Are You Making As Much Money As You
Imagined From Internet Marketing?

When you first heard about the concept of making money through Internet marketing, did your heart skip a beat as you said to yourself,

"This is it! This is my ticket to financial freedom!"

If you did, you're not alone. Every week millions of new web sites are registered worldwide as people throw their hats into the Internet marketing ring. Some of them are looking for a get-rich-quick scheme, but most are hard working and willing to do whatever it takes to make their dreams come true. In Internet marketing, this usually means horrendous hours at the computer and an overwhelming amount of self-paced study.

So where have your efforts taken you so far?

If you're like the majority of Internet marketers, you've made a few dollars here and there, but you still need an additional source of income. You may have made it to the next rung of the ladder, where you make hundreds of dollars a month, even thousands. But the stories of gurus making millions of dollars in a day have begun to sound like fairy tales – a wonderful dream, but simply not realistic for someone like you.

Over the years, many Internet marketing millionaires have offered to share their secrets – for a price. Perhaps you've bought their products, even followed the instructions religiously, but for some reason they just haven't worked for you.

Sometimes, you can feel like giving up.

But before you take that drastic step, there's something you should know.

Three years ago, one of the Internet millionaires decided to share his innermost secrets with people who needed to get a break online. But the difference between his program and the plethora of other How To products out there was that his program was completely free of charge.

That's right. Australian marketer Ed Dale launched his 30-Day Challenge in 2005 and jump-started the online careers of hundreds of eager students. Several of them later sold the web sites they created for millions of dollars.

Here's your second chance...

If you're ready to break out of your Internet marketing rut, check out Ed's program. The 2008 30-Day Challenge began on August 1 and is now on Day 21. But you can start at the beginning and catch up at your own pace. This video-based training program is a well-designed smorgasbord of cutting-edge Internet marketing techniques, tips, shortcuts and software. All of your previous study and experience will simply accelerate the process and make it even more rewarding.

So clear the decks and prepare to be blown away.

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To your marketing success!

Marguerite Bonnville

P.S. Be sure to watch the 13 pre-launch videos to tap into some awesome free marketing tools.

And the software you get to download on Day 2 will totally change your approach to finding killer niches.

P.P.S. You'll start a new web site on Day 6 that will start earning you money while you're working through the rest of the course.

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