Capture Your Best Ideas

Have you noticed that you often get your best ideas in the shower or while doing some mundane task on autopilot?

And have you also noticed that if you don't make a note of them right away, you often can't remember them later, no matter how hard you try?

There's an old writer's technique that works really well for capturing those ideas before they're lost forever.

  1. Buy a pack of small notebooks, either the 3x5 tear-off pads that come in a pack of 5 or 6, or small spiral-bound notebooks. Place one, along with a pencil, in every room in your house and workplace.

  2. Whenever a great idea pops into your head, stop what you're doing as quickly as possible, grab the notebook and jot it down. Be sure to write enough detail to really jog your memory. How many times have you come across a note with some cryptic phrase scribbled in your handwriting, and you have no clue as to what it means?

  3. If you're worried that your family or roommates will think you're completely nuts, you can hide the notebooks in a cupboard or on a windowsill, etc. Just be sure you remember where you hid them.

  4. Keep a notepad in the glove compartment of your car and in your purse or back pocket. When you're waiting in a lobby or in a line at a bank or supermarket, use this downtime to play with a few ideas or work on your wealth creation plan. You'll never feel forced to 'waste' time again.

  5. If you use tear-off pads, keep a small box in your room where you can store the loose sheets, because it's easy to misplace small bits of paper. You'll be amazed at some of the great ideas you discover as you hunt through the box looking for something in particular.
capture ideas capture ideas

Your Next Step:

  1. Once you've set this up, return to the Wealth Mindset page.

Disclaimer: This site is purely educational and we make no claims or guarantees with regard to the information presented. Please consult a certified NLP practitioner for individual coaching in the use of NLP techniques. We strongly advise consulting a financial industry professional before embarking on a wealth creation journey.

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